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Moya David Mumama, Scandal, Kicked out of Kilimani Apartment – Updates

Kenyan Tiktoker Moya David has hit the gossip headlines after cheating on his ‘Mumama’ – Sugar Mummy.

According to sources, Moya David’s Mumama was financing his access to housing, transport, and business. She bought his expensive cars and also opened him a 5 star SPA in Kilimani.

Earlier on, Moya David had managed to convince his fans that all the developments he had made were as a result of his revenue collected from his dancing career on social media ‘tiktok’.

The contradictions have, however, emerged that Moya David cheated on his ‘Mumama’ Sugar Mummy. This led to Moya David Mumama taking away the car and closing the SPA.


This is, however, not believable since Kenyans have been on the spot for clout chasing. Moya David has a very big following of 4.1 million fans on Tiktok.

Andrew Kibe – Moya David Mumama.

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