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Moya David: Biography, Contacts, Real Life, Hustle and Dating News

Who is Moya David?

Moya David is a Kenyan Tik Toker spreading love through Dancing talent across the city streets. He surprises Kenyans with a dance choreography and later offering a Flower, card.

Moya David also helps diminishing love among couples to restore.


Moya David is a Maasai born on 1st January 1988 according to his Facebook biography.

Net worth

Moya David is approximately $2 M Net Worth. According to the latest updates, he charges Ksh 50,000 to the unspecified amount per surprise.

Real Name
Date Of Birth (When was Moya David born?)1st January 1988
How old is Moya David?34 Years Old
NameMoya David
Net-Worth$2M Net Worth
Country / NationalityMoya David stays in Nairobi Kenya. He is a Kenyan Citizen by birth.
Career Dance choreographer
Moya David SPAThe SPA is located in Pangani Nairobi.
Tik Tok Followers1.5M
EducationTertiary Level
YouTube Followers100K

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