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Robert Alai used as dead sample on Jamia Open Day

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Hon. Robert Alai used in Demonstrating how the Muslim’s dead are washed and buried on Jamia Open Day.

In a photo circulating on social media, Robert Alai is wrapped in a white thick sheet and placed on a table.

Nairobi region held its Jamia Open Day this Saturday 29th October 2022 from 9am-4pm.

Jamia Open Day is a special day set aside by Muslims for teaching and learning. The open day programme is designed to welcome people of all faith so that they can get a clear picture about Islam.


Islam’s ritual of washing the body. – Jamia Open Day.

“The body should be lifted carefully to protect the skin and to show respect, and gently washed with simple soap. A body should be rinsed three, five, seven or an odd number of times, until the water runs clear. The last rinse may include camphor or another scented ingredient.” –

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