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Blessing Lung’aho (Madiba) Marries Jackie Matubia (Nana) of Zora Citizen Tv – Photos


Blessing Lung’aho aka Madiba and Jackie Matubia (Nana) both featured in a popular Citizen Tv show Zora. Zora is a show that replaced Maria.

The two actors developed some love interests beyond acting. As Zora neared the end, the two were suspected by show lovers to have shared the fruit. This is after Jackie Matubia posted and announced she is pregnant despite acting to be pregnant by Madiba.

Photos they circulated across social media show that indeed the Tv star is pregnant. The big question was who is responsible for the pregnancy. After Netizens shared speculation that Madiba is tye one who made her pregnant, Blessing Lung’aho came out clearly and urged rumour mongers to confirm from Nana before sharing any information.

But from the recent photos, Nana and Madiba of Citizen Tv have been spotted together. This is a clear indicator that the two are madly in love.

Photos showing Blessing Lung’aho and Jackie Matubia in Love

In Zora Citizen Tv show Biography, Blessing Lung’aho played the role as Madiba and Jackie matubia as Nana.

Madiba acted as the Son to Zalena and Oliver but his biological father was Gerald Sande. He was also the brother to Kwame and the father to Lilah and Filah.

Nana was a teacher with Zora. She experienced some complications in his relationship but ended up getting married to Madiba although all did not end up well. Nana got a baby with Madiba.

Nana and Madiba are dating today.

Is Jackie Matubia married to Blessing Lung’aho?

Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho are married couples. The even welcomed their first child together.

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