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Sakaja’s Welcome Back Billboard ignites mixed Reactions on Social Media

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja erects billboard along inlet main roads serving Nairobi City and county at large. The message on the billboards is simply aimed to welcome Nairobians back to the county after travelling out for December celebrations.

“Welcome Back, Prosperous 2023.” On the same message in the background is a well designed image of Governor Sakaja and his Deputy George Muchiri.

This was spotted along Waiyaki Way, Mombasa Road and Thika Super Highway.

The message on the billboards and the billboards have however received mixed Reactions. This follows after Kenyans reacted rebuking the waste of resources while other reacted positively saying it is a good move.


Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja and deputy Njoroge Muchiri erect a billboard wishing Kenyans a prosperous 2023.


1. These billboards are paid by cartels who will get tenders.

2. Yes it is good to clean the city but remember there is nothing wrong with the governor to welcome Kanairos back to their City. I rest my case.

3. How can he stop wasting money on billboard ads yet he owns an advertising company. Where do you think they’ll get the money. Y’all voted for a hoodlum, and Igathe warned you. Buckle Up,mambo bado.

4. There’s nothing wrong in us being welcomed back even in your own house u deserve that.

5. On the brighter side,he’s giving business to the guys putting up billboards.

6. Someone else amepata a living through erecting that. Let’s not always be negative in everything

7. Talk on your behalf. If you live in Nairobi and your environment is dirty, you need to work hard and move from the slums. Nairobi ni ya kila mtu. Maskini kama wewe na Tajiri kama sisi. Kila mtu ana shida level yake. Mimi kwangu hii ni need.

8. For once let the creative industry eat…hapo Kuna designer amekula yake, printer, na billboard owner, kwani wao si wakenya???

9. The day we will elect governors as managers and not politicians or lawyers, our counties will be ok. Igathe was your guy.

10. Sasa billboard ni kitu ya kufanya mkenya mzalendo alie the way the gvr does not spent public money on such…may its an advertising company publicising its good work of display..allow H.E Gvnr to work.

These are some of the sampled reactions after Governor put up the billboards welcoming Nairobians back to the County.

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