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“Those killed and arrested are martyrs and political prisoners.” Raila Odinga Says

Raila odinga now says those Kenyans who were killed and arrested by President William Ruto during the Wednesday 12th Demos are martyrs and political prisoners.

Through the press release for July 15th, 2023, Raila Odinga has termed the death victims of Azimio Demos as Heroes and Heroines of the liberation struggle.

"We are yet again in the throes of a liberation struggle. This time, we are struggling to be liberated from politics of deceit, corruption, dictatorship, and arrogance. Kenyans have never lost liberation struggle. We get beaten, arrested, and killed, but we never lose. In the past, we have suffered detention without a trial complaint judiciary, and still, we did not lose. We shall not lose the one currently underway." 
Reads the statement.

Raila Odinga has pointed out that police killings have happened in the past innocent Kenyans being victims. He says the killings are meant to spread fear among Kenyans to succumb to the excesses of the ruling regime.

Following closely to his political biography, Raila Amolo Odinga is equally termed as ‘Baba’ in relation to his fight for Kenyan Rights. Raila Odinga News Today through the press release has promised to soldier on with the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Demos ‘Maandamano Wednesday.’


“We will soldier on. Arrests trumped up charges, illegal detentions, and incarcerations have happened in the past. We have always remembered the victims as the heroes of our liberation.”

In the statement, Raila Odinga goes ahead to mention those citizens who were arrested during the protests like George Anyona, Edward Oyugi, Ngotho Kariuki, and Njeru Kathangu.

He also unmasks and remembers the deceased citizens like Prof Micere Mugo, who were for to exile, Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia, who were detained without trial.

Maandamano, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya has gone ahead to defy the ruling Kenya Kwanza. Recently, President William Ruto said his government is going to take no chances of allowing Maandamano on the three said days. Raila, however, answered back saying Maandamano Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will take place as planned.


1. Tulia mzee… President will deliver on his promises.

2. You’ve fought enough, pass on the pardon to others, and we appreciate everything you did to this country, retire .

3. With kind of message is this,it is pain to their have a very large family,it should be your prayer that one among the many of your family members be among the martyrs

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