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Diana Chepkemoi – Photos before and after travelling to Saudi Arabia

Diana Chepkemoi is a Kenyan girl from Meru University. Due to the financial need, Diana travelled abroad to Saudi Arabia where he went to find work.

Kenyans have been recently shocked after news involving he whereabout and health went viral.

Diana Chepkemoi’s location and employer’s contacts have not yet been discovered even by the Kenyan Embassy.

Reactions after the Viral news of Diana Chepkemoi

King Kaka

“This Kenyan girl called Diana Chepkemoi, Meru University student who went to find work in Saudi Arabia. She went healthy, now she is ENSLAVED. See her transformation. Our embassy has her location and employer’s phone but they are sitting pretty waiting for her to die. Sad!” King Kaka



“Let’s talk to our sisters to avoid that place, we better be poor in our country than suffer in some unknown lands.” @Mill_Dee_Kee


“Did the ambassador take the slaves there. In fact those slaves paid for the jobs and bought the costly air tickets to that place.
Did they get their names registered with the Kenyan embassy upon arrival and does the embassy know about their presence there?” @KoechL


“This matter of slavery in Saudi Arabia is a serious one which should be looked into by our government.” @Vic_Oketch.

Check ot for Diana Chepkemoi Biography – Tambua Africa News.

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