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Radio 47 Live, Presenters, Frequency, Jobs and Owner in Kenya

Radio 47 Kenya is a National Radio station linked to TV47. Who owns Radio47 Radio 47 is a sister company to TV 47 owned by...

Sultana Citizen Tv 13th March 2023, Jj demands to Know his Origin

In Sultana Citizen Tv 13th March 2023 Full Episode Part 1 and 2, the Monday show begins at a point where Major Jabali is...

Watch: Sultana 6th February 2023 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 + Written Updates

Watch Sultana Citizen TV 6th February 2023 Full Episode part 1 and 2 Monday show combined with Written updates. Fatima fakes a cry where...

TSC Pension Claims Forwarded to treasury for 2022/2023

October and November Tsc pension claims forwarded to treasury. Hon. Ezekiel Machogu has thanked Teachers Service Commission for the continued support towards teachers and learners,...

Jabali Junior JJ (Othman Njaidi) Biography, Age, Tribe and Dating updates

Who is Othman Njaidi alias Jabali Junior? Othman Njaidi is one of the main actors in Sultana Citizen Tv. He plays the role as Jabali...