Kenya bans baby feeding bottles. Baby Feeding Bottles are special made plastic that help in Feeding the breast Feeding children.

The Feeding bottles companies have received a blow after the Government issued a directive today.

Contradictions have however erupted on which news is true. The news platforms have been left confused on which is true and which is false to share.

Saying so we can just identify two companies in question.

The star news posts a head line contradicting nation Media.

The Star: Health Ministry has not banned sale of baby feeding bottles.

Nation: Kenya announces ban on feeding bottles.

According to The Star, the Government has just issued this directive to align with the World Health Organisation requirements. This lead to the ban of advertising and not the use.

The bottles help mothers a lot. They assist in feeding the babies incase the parent is not available to do breastfeeding.

It also helps in situations when a mother is advised not to breastfeed because of health issues. It will be so unfair since the common cups used by adults will not suit the purpose.

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