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Is Rai Group Kenya shutting down Operations/Business in Kenya?

Rai Group Kenya, owned by Billionaire Jaswant Rai, is not shutting down business and operations in Kenya.

The company dismissed the claims about its existence in the Kenyan market, saying it is misinformation bordering on unhelpful propaganda.

The management at Rai Group of Companies wishes to inform all its business partners, stakeholders including farmers, employees the media and indeed the general public that the information circulating on social media platforms to the effect that Rai Group is closing down all its operations and is relocating to another country is, to say the least, regrettable misinformation bordering on unhelpful propaganda coming at this time of severe economic challenges.

The Group remains an integral part of Kenya’s development agenda and will continue working with both levels of government and stakeholders at all levels to ensure that its goals and those of the country are achieved.

The statement reads.

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