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Kenya Police seize Donkey carcasses meant for SALE to CITY residents

The police have arrested freshy slaughtered donkey carcasses being prepared for local consumption in Kiambu County. The meat was meant for sale to city residents.

Police Report after the seize of donkeys carcasses

Police have recovered freshly slaughtered donkey carcasses that were being prepared for local consumption, at a thicket in Kiambu County.

The recovery followed a midnight raid at the scene of the slaughter in the proverbial Kiahiti village in Gatune sub-location, where over 7 carcasses were found sprawled on the ground.

Earlier, the officers based at Nachu police post had gathered intelligence on the impending slaughter and arrived at the scene on time as the unscrupulous meat vendors slaughtered the beasts of burden, whose meat finds its way to butcheries and meat joints in the city disguised as beef.

Residents in Kiahiti had complained of their sleep being disrupted by the insistent onomatopoeic sounds of donkeys in distress ho, hii, hoo hiiii, hooo hiiiii, brrrrrr!!!! as they were led to the scene to face the axe.

The officers also discovered that after slaughtering the animals, the unscrupulous traders extract boneless meat from their carcasses which is sold to meat lovers in the city exorbitantly, disguised as beef fillet and other boneless chops.

DCI reports

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