Friday, December 2, 2022

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Watch: Sultana 2nd December 2022 Full Episode – Updates

First Mission accomplished Babu of Sultana Citizen Tv accomplishes the first Mission to revenge for Maneno's killing. He manages to make Major Jabali uncomfortable...

Watch: Sultana 1st December 2022 – Full Episode [Written updates]

Sultana 1st December 2022 written updates: The young blind girl trys to connect dots on what might have transpired during Bi Ua's delivery. She...

WATCH: Sultana 30th November 2022 – Citizen Tv Full Episode

Kokan is bitter after seeing Sultana accompanying Major Jabalis family. He breathes harder but he has no otherwise. Flash Back Kokan convinced Sultana to...

OBARO warns Maria in Sultana Citizen Tv show of 2nd December

In Sultana Citizen Tv show of 2nd December 2022, Obaro asks Maria on Buya's whereabouts. The two seem to build some biff after she...

JJ Meets Sultana In 1st December 2022 Episode After saving his Mother

JJ nad Sultana meet at home. He fails to convince Sultana listen to him. Sultana is very much tired with the drama at Jj's...