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How Borehole Water is Slowly Killing Nairobians

Water is Life. This is the tag line every one hungs on whenever feeling thirsty.

As you pick that glass of water you are highly advised to examine if the water will provide some life or gradually lead you to complications.

This is the statement and key point teachers in class 5 insisted on the topic of water and environment. “Clean water is not safe for drinking. To make water safe for drinking, one is expected to treat or boil the water.”

“For water to be safe, it must be treated or purified to WHO standards. Fetching water direct from bore and drinking subjects our body to the filtration process which should be done by specialised machine.” Kabogo states.


In Nairobi County, residents who rely on borehole water have been cautioned on the use of water to quench their thirst as it is killing them slowly.

“The borehole water in Nairobi is killing you people. We must reduce the consumption of the borehole water. Please guys.” Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai.

Chairman and Founder Member water bottlers association of Kenya (WBAK) Henry Kabogo urged thet drinking water should be and must be treated otherwise will make bodies water purification system.

The Kidney also gets tired hence we are condemned to dialysis. Kabogo slammed Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) which extended bottled water taxation to the bulk water sold through ATMs and water Kiosks. This is how borehole water is slowly killing Nairobians.

“The problem is we sink boreholes for water the moment we find water we pump and consume. No treatment nothing. Untreated water is not clean water. Do not drink.”

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