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Raila Odinga Disagrees with the Supreme Court ruling / Verdict 2022

Azimio La Umoja Presidential candidate defers with the Supreme Court ruling in Nairobi 5th September 2022.

According to Raila Amolo Odinga, his lawyers provided enough evidence and facts that would lead to election nullification. Odinga states that the Court found against him the 9 petitions.

Sticking to his fight for Democracy, Transparency and Credibility the first petitioner has however accepted the results but promised to remain stronger.


We find it incredible that the judges found against us on all nine (9) gourd and occasion resulted to unduly exaggerated language to refute our claims. This judgement is by no means the end of our movement. in fact it inspires us to redouble our efforts to transform this country into a prosperous democracy where each Kenyan can find their full belonging.” Raila Odinga Presidential Secretariat.

We have always stood for the the rule of law and the constitution.

In this regard, we respect the opinion of the court although we vehemently disagree with their decision today.

Reactions after the Official Supreme Court Verdict.

@Liz_Anita_ – We remain strong. But one thing Baba. Take a break from politics and rest! The world can wait. Don’t go for opposition. Just quit and observe. Lastly, never ever trust anyone! Thank you. Farewell Our Hero.

@NdegeKereru. – Baba never ruled as a president, but as a patriotic Kenyan.
Just like Moses never went to Canaan, he went to heaven. We’ll miss you.

@AlinurMohamed – Whatever has happened today at the Supreme Court is so unfortunate Baba! Azimio supporters will never recover! The pain is endless.

@MarshaleeseBeat – I admire you sir.
Even as you retire from politics, you will be truly missed.
May God bless you and may the light of his salvation shine on you.
May the Lord God bless you with divine health and long life in the name of Jesus Christ.

@noonie_Ke – Reminds me of Kibaki
Dynasties will never end, by the end of Ruto’s presidency you’ll come to witness appointments of Kenyatta’s and Moi’s in government this is just another Dynasty that has been formed

It’s all about you yourself what are you doing with your life

The Supreme Court Verdict was read by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

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