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KYEOP Training for all qualified Youths : MSEA

KYEOP Training in Kenya continues equipping Kenyans with skills. The skills help to narrow the unemployment gap in the country.

The major aim is to enable beneficiaries be self employed and create job opportunities to other citizens.

The transformational project tagged KYEOP empowers and uplifts the well being of Youths in Kenya.

This is done through several strategies including equipping them with essential skills, internship and business grant opportunities.


KYEOP successful candidates selected for training are equipped with different training skills like water pipe fitting, Mobile phone repair and hair dressing.

They are thereafter allowed to use their skills and provided stipends to start a business of choice applying the equipped skills.


According to KYEOP CYCLE 8 application update, fund disbursement will be fastened and should be completed within the year 2022.

However all Youths have been encouraged to use their skills and opportunities that the government offer in order to be part of the beneficiaries of the government funds.


KYEOP cycle 8 applications were done online and hit the deadline on 10th June 2022. The next process that follows is verification of submissions and approval of the beneficiaries.

Who qualifies for KYEOP cycle 8 grants

All Kenyans aged 18 to 29 years are qualified to get KYEOP grants. They are supposed to be holders highest is Secondary certificate and below.

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