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East End Junior Academy to close doors permanently in December

East End Junior Academy is a very popular school that has been manufacturing graduates since the year 1993.

It was founded by Mr and Mrs Gachango Munyambu. The school is located in Outer Ring road in Nairobi.

According to the memo that was served to the parents on closing day, the school management has affirmed that indeed the schools is closing business in December 2023.

The reason why East End Junior Academy is closing doors is pegged on the increased economic growth that has exerted pressure on most businesses. The management also confirmed that their age, which has gone beyond 70 years, is a challenge in the management of the school in the current economy.


The directors of the school have, however, promised to offer support to the parents, and the offices will remain open until further notice.

The closure of East End Junior Academy has raised discussions across the country. Following replies on the star, many suggestions have retaliated with the management offering free advice that could see the institution continue offering services to the community.

One reader named Patriot said “Why not sell it as a going concern? losing will affect many kids and staff who depended on it

Another reader by the name Patriotic Kenyan said, “the 2 directors should have just sold the school and they retire in peace instead of closing it all together. so many workers will end up jobless. very sad.”

Wizard of the crow said, “I thought about selling as I read this article. And finding a buyer. Or leasing it out. And what they will do with the property after they close. And I thought about their kids. And I thought there must be a lot more they know which we don’t.”

Photo: a screenshot of replies on The Star website.

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