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Kokan is bitter after seeing Sultana accompanying Major Jabalis family. He breathes harder but he has no otherwise. Flash Back Kokan convinced Sultana to...

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Smart Advert integration Kaka and Zuu advertising Ariel Liquid: After Zuu cooks boiled meat, she pours some soup and settles to enjoy. Accidentally the shirt...

Jabali Junior JJ (Othman Njaidi) Biography, Age, Tribe and Dating updates

Who is Othman Njaidi alias Jabali Junior? Othman Njaidi is one of the main actors in Sultana Citizen Tv. He plays the role as Jabali...

M-Kopa phones and their prices in Kenya.

M-Kopa is an organisation that offers long-term loans to its clients. The long term loans are given just to enable one buy an original...

Best Episode: Sultana 30th November is the hottest in Year 2022

Sultana Citizen Tv 30th November 2022 is one of the most touching episodes the year 2022. My Written Updates From the favorite part to...