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Kpsea, KCPE 2023 Exams set to begin as learners do final preparations

Kenya Primary School Education Assessment KPSEA and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE for the year 2023 are set to begin on Monday, 3oth October 2023.

The exams will be administered in the selected examination centres across the country. On 26th October 2023, grade six and class 8, learners have been taken through the final stages in preparation for the national examinations.

Among the activities in preparedness of the KPSEA and KCPE 2023 is scrubbing all writings from the desks. Learners with the help of sandpapers have ensured they do not find themselves on the wrong side of examination irregularities by ensuring the desks and classes have no writings that might hint to the answers of the asked questions.

On 27th October 2023, KPSEA and KCPE candidates will meet their centre managers, supervisors, and invigilators on a popularly known rehearsal day. On this date, candidates will be done an orientation of what they are expected to do while they sit for their exams.


The candidates and invigilators will also be taken through the rules and regulations together with the possible punishment in the event if examination irregularities.

2023 national examinations will be historical at the primary level since the KCPE will be fully waved out by the new curriculum dubbed Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

This year, 2023, KCPE will be administered to 1.4 million candidates, while KPSEA has 1.2 million candidates.

As the 1.2 candidates are expected to transition from primary to junior school that was domiciled in primary schools, parents and other stakeholders have questioned the government in preparation to ensure a smooth transition.

The biggest challenge affecting the new curriculum is the teacher shortage. The Ministry of Education, despite the huge employment of teachers, it has been called upon to ensure the matter is solved and sealed.

The KPSEA and KCPE 2023 exams will officially begin on Monday to Wednesday according to the final Knec timetable.

There will follow a marking process whereby the exercise is expected to take a shorter period, as stated by the Cabinet minister Ezekiel Machogu.

KPSEA 2023 results and KCPE 2023 results will be released on a day announced by the ministry after the marking process is done.

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