Gloria Orwoba accepts Onchiri’s defeat

Gloria Orwoba accepts defeat in UDA Parliamentary seat nominations. Orwoba who had stiff competition lost against Joseph Onchiri who garnered 7,337 votes.

Gloria Orwoba followed Onchiri closely with a total of 5,587 votes. She accepted defeat saying she will back her competitor and ensure he wins the Bosasi Parliamentary seat come August General Elections.

Her move has been appreciated by UDA party leader William Ruto.

“Our party recognizes and appreciates the strides made by women in political leadership. Gloria Orwoba competed in the Bobasi Parliamentary seat and came second with 5,587 votes. She now backs Joseph Onchiri who garnered 7,337.”

Ruto acknowledges the woman position in leadership giving an applause to those who won party preliminaries. He didn’t fail to mention UDA Women Rep aspirant Bomet county Linet Toto and Kericho County senatorial aspirant Roriat.

“Once said
Let’s not take the leadership of women into matters of tokenism, women are us capable as men Congratulations to Bomet county women rep elect @TotoLinet And kericho county senatorial aspirant Roriat”

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