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Kenyans Smile as new details emerge about petrol, kerosene and cooking gas

Kenya, April, 20 – Good news to Kenyans as details emerge about petrol, Kerosene and cooking gas.

Fuel has been the major crisis in the past few weeks. The shortage has dragged the countries economy down. To be more specific the transportation sector has been on its knees because of insufficient petrol.

Kenyans have been witnessed cueing for long hours in the feeling stations waiting for the importance commodity.

Kenyans pockets have also been drained by the hiking gas prices. The prices have really increased by almost 50% the previous price. For example a 12 Kilogram gas cylinder can only be refilled with Sh1,400 compared to the previous price of up to Sh800.

After the Government intervention, Kenyans are reassured that everything will normalize. More fuel will be soon supplied to all parts of the country to cut short the long cues.


A reliable source disclosed that two tankers carrying millions of litres of oil has already arrived in Mombasa. To add on that more tankers are expected to arrive latest Saturday. They will feed the fuel sector with more than 365 Million Litres of oil.

This sounds to be great news to Motorists and bodaboda riders as there is enough fuel supply in the country.

This may also force EPRA lower the prices that are now extremely pressing Kenyans.

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