EPRA announces new fuel prices indicating a rise of Ksh 10 on every 1 litre.

Prices per region, County

County Petrol Diesel Kerosene
Nairobi 144.62125.50113.44
NAKURU 144.14125.33113.29
Kisii 145.90127.08115.05
Eldoret 145.03126.22114.16
Kisumu 145.02126.20114.16

EPRA said this prices will be effective between April 15th 2022 to May 14th 2023.

The new prices announced have come as Kenyans cue longer hours waiting for the import product. Motorist have been forced to camp in the petrol stations as the fuel has been scarce.

The government said the problem has been resolved and thus no one will miss petrol, diesel and kerosene as from tomorrow.

EPRA said the problem faced by Kenyans was caused by the suppliers even after the President’s intervention.

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