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UDA primaries results 2022 delayed as some parts repeat the nomination process

UDA preliminaries and Live results

UDA preliminaries 2022 process ends across the country. 14th April 2022 was the official nomination day for UDA aspirants in the 36 counties.

Everything that was expected was done to the parties capacity. This is after the election process delayed but counting stated as scheduled.

UDA said counting was to its maximum extent and winners will be certified to be the flag bearers in the respective positions. This is an exercise coming fourth the August General Elections in Kenya.

Despite the good news from the Elections Board Chairman Mr Mwaura said some feaw regions were not perfect and calls for a repeat process.


UDA Notice

This is to notify party members that National Elections Board has directed a repeat of nominations in the following areas on 15th April 2022.

Anthony Mwaura

Anthony Mwaura says Repeat elections will take place in the following Constituencies:

1. Kasarani Constituency, Mwiki ward.

  • Mwiki primary school
  • Mwiki Assistant Chief Camp
  • St. Augustine Catholic Church

2. Kabete Constituency, Gitaru Ward.

  • Kanyariri Secondary School

3. Kabete Constituency, Nyadhuna Ward.

  • St. Mary’s Kiamba

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