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Daily Nation Highlights – Secret card in Raila, OKA talks

A news publisher ie Daily Nation keeps Kenyans updated after Hon Raila Odinga holds talks.

They reveals how a top ranking Politian is asking for Commitment and support from the OKA party by holding secrete meetings which are fenced with pre-election agreements. Raila is on the run to gather votes before the next general election.

Kenya is set to hold the next general elections August the year 2021. As indicators show, all energy is directed to the presidential seat succession. Deputy president William Ruto alongside former Prime Minister Raila Odinga seem to be having sleepless night trying their very best to gain Nation support.

All have toured the key regions in the country like Mombasa, Western region, and recently climbed the Mountain part trying to convince Kenyans why they should be voted in.


Raila Odinga promises Kenyans a new and happy country free from corruption. That country he promises is widely referred to Canan in the Bible. He also promises to take care of the very poor families by allocating 6,000 Kenya Shillings monthly incase he wins his way to the statehouse.

On the other hand Moving with a tag Hustler Nation Dp William Ruto has asked for a higher post in the government to the presidency. He promises to formulate a Module that will bring out all Kenyans to the same page. This is The Bottom-Up Economic Model. He urges Kenyans to also give him a chance to complete the Jubilee Big 4 agenda since it has not been achieved.

Deputy President has been sported giving excuses why his government has failed. The main reason according to him has always been the Handshake between Raila Odinga and H.E Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta.

President Kenyatta reminds Kenyas

But speaking to the residents in Nakuru during the inauguration of the Town into a City, The president normalised the Handshake saying it has brought more benefits than losses to the country.

One he points out how investors were fleeing the country just because of the security state after 2017 General elections.

“Fellow Kenyans, no investors in the world is willing to put his or her investment in an insecure country. A country that has no political stability. But from the year 2017, it could not have been like it is now without Handshake. Kenya could have lost Billions and Billions of Money.” He said.

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