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President Kenyatta fears Mentioning Ruto in his political remarks to Nakuru Residents

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a congregation as they upgraded Nakuru to a city urged all politicians to practice healthy politics. He asked those who are on the run to inherit his presidential seat to style up and keep away childish in the matter.

Not specifically giving a reference we suspect this was directed straight to his deputy President William Ruto. We are aware Kenyatta has not been in good political terms with his Deputy since the time Handshake found its way in their midst.

He also asked the politician to stop criticism as he explained Why slow but sure proverb is one of the traditional kind to follow. He also did not mention Ruto but here the country has only two big fish the oldest being Raila Odinga and the younger being William Ruto.

He asked Kenyans to vote in Raila not minding his age because a race is never to the sprint.


“Rais awakosoa wanaotumia lugha za kudhalilisha wenzao kwa umri
Rais aonekana kumwelekezea cheche naibu wake William Ruto” swahili Translation.

Rais Uhuru Kenyatta: “Vijana punguzeni speed, uongozi sio sprint, ni marathon. Mzee atakanyaga polepole akupite ukiwa bado kwa barabara.”

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