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Best Ways to Register and Earn Ksh on YouTube – 2022

Register And Earn Ksh on YouTube. Creativity and talent in the 21st century outweigh white collar job. It only calls for a concentration and focus on what one can do and can do best.

Earning Money from the creative industry is also one of the dreams young people are having each and every day. Those who have made it through successfully discourage the upcoming with a major reason being fear of Competition in a given industry.

List of Creative works that pay Bills in the year 2022 on YouTube are:-

1. Music Making

Can you imagine life without music. It could be not that enjoyable since entertainment is one of the key factors for a better life. As the Swahili Local saying goes “Mziki ni Dawa.” – Meaning Music is Medicine.

Making money from Music isn’t that easy but at the same time can be categorised as the easiest. This only happens if the Music maker makes good music that sells by itself.


Look at the biggest Music makers in East Africa and the World eg Fally Pupa, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny, Jose Chameleon, Bobi Wine and even Sauti Sol from Kenya.

They Make big Money from YouTube views just from the videos they upload.

2. V-Logging

Vloggers have not been left behind too. Video blogging is one of the easiest way to make some Money online from the Internet. Hear Vloggers create videos and upload on video platforms like YouTube and Daily Motion where they are payed handsomely.

How to register and Earn Ksh on YouTube

To register and earn ksh on YouTube is not that complicated. All you need is a Google Email Account.

1. Visit

2. Click On the right corner icon and select Sign-in.

3. If you have an Email account then go ahead and use it to login, incase you do not have one then select create account.

4. Follow the prompts and fill the forms accordingly. After you are done then set up you YouTube account since YouTube and Google work in conjunction.

5. You can now go ahead and start uploading your videos.

To become eligible for YouTube Monetization you require to achieve some basic requirements. You need to meet 4000 watch hours, 1000 YouTube channel subscribers, have an Adsense account for payments and also a 2 step authentication login steps set.

Immediately you are eligible for YouTube Monetization an email will be send notifying you for the required information to move on successfully. now advices you to Register and start earning Ksh Money on YouTube.

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