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KNEC News: “There are 831,015 KCSE Candidates in 10,413 Centers for 2021”

KNEC CEO Dr David Njeng’ere has openly disclosed the total number of Candidates for the 2021 national examinations.

Through the official MoH twitter account, he says the Kenya National Examination Council registered a total of 831,015 KCSE Candidates in 10,413 Centers. Their is a slight increase in the data compared to the 2020 753,918 Candidates in 10,437 Centers.

According to KNEC this is a great improvement in the education sector since the increase of 78,034 is quite encouraging.

Yesterday the Ministry of Education lead by Prof George Magoha and Dr Fred Matiang’i the Cs held a ceremony to launch the two National Examinations in the country.


Dr.David Njeng’ere according to his statement KCPE centers will be served from 491 distribution centres while KCSE centres will be served from 483 distribution Centres.

Ministry of Education warns

Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha urged all the examination officials to remain vigilant and work faithfully and administer the examination in a holistic manner. Magoha asked all to ensure no leakage of the questions.

KCPE is set to commence in 7th March 2022 and end in 3 days time on 9th March 2022 as per the National Examination Timetable.

After KCPE, KCSE Will then take the better part of the two month ending in April.

Cs says those found compromising with the examination will be treated ruthlessly.

CS, Prof George Magoha “We shall not be humane with those who will compromise with the examinations. What do you think you are doing when you are dealing with two million children and you want to open the exams so that you can compromise their future!”

To ensure no examination irregularities, Magoha urged to thoroughly vet those people allowed to open the containers daily to confirm their identity.

Professor Magoha confirmed no paper had been leaked and will only be seen only after it is released from the container.

Magoha’s Policy

On the issue of the school bus Policy, Magoha stressed on the safety of the Kenyan Child. From his Policy Magoha says the children are better to stay hungry that to die. This is after he stated giving a directive to school buses time on the road.

He said a bust is only allowed on the road from 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM. If the bus is out beyond 6.30 PM Magoha urged the driver to enter the nearest police station for security reasons.

Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha ~ The Policy is clear, no school bus should move beyond 6.30PM. If a bus is out beyond 6.30PM, it should go to the nearest police station and stay there. It is better to have children hungry overnight than dead.”

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