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Azimio Protests to resume Wednesday as Principals revert to Maandamano Wednesday only

Azimio One-Kenya announces Wednesday 26th July 2023, protests as they reverts to a one day per week demonstration.

Unlike the previous week, where Maandamano was done three days consecutively (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), Azimio One-Kenya through Kalonzo Musyoka said the anti-government protests will be held on Wednesday.

These demos are aimed to push the ruling government that is believed to have turned a deaf ear to citizens’ plea to lower the cost of living.

Cautioning the Azimio One-Kenya supporters, the coalition has requested them to exercise peaceful demos, even if they are provoked by the police.


Previously, a heavy fight was witnessed between the police and demonstrators, where deaths and injuries were recorded.

Kisumu is the most affected region after claims have risen pointing out how excessive force was used against citizens. It has also been recorded on national television, innocent mothers, children, and citizens who also accused police of brutality.

His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto has, however, urged the opposition to join him in leading the national. He added that the Azimio Protests are jeopardising his government and harming the economy.

Apart from the economy, learning is also affected. On Wednesday last week, the government announced to close all schools in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu. This was to protect the learners who fall victims when police try to disperse demonstrators.

In emphasis, the government, through the Ministry of Security, has banned all forms of gathering in the name of picketing.

Kenyans have also been assured of security during Azimio Protests urging everyone to report to their respective daily activities.

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