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‘NO’ Maandamano on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Next Week, Kindiki Says

Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration Cs Kithure Kindiki has banned Maandamano on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

According to the statement he shared verbally in Kaanwa Catholic Church, Chuka Igambang’ombe Constituency, Tharaka Nithi County, Kindiki has said the government is ready to deal with the defiant opposition leader’s.

Kindiki said all persons, including current and former political leaders and public office holders, have an obligation to follow the law.

Retired office holders, including former Presidents, Governors, MPs or MCAs must allow their successors to execute their mandate and not resort to blackmail, sabotage, and other unorthodox means to derail them.


He has also said the government respects and upholds the Constitution and all its provisions, including the freedom of association and assembly, the right to demonstrate, picket, and petition.

In addition, Cs Kindiki said the government has not banned public rallies and gatherings. The public order act clearly allows such rallies to be held between 6am and 6pm. However, anyone planning to cause chaos, sabotage the economy, and engage in lawlessness will be dealt with firmly and decisively, in accordance with the law.

“Anyone planning to paralyse the economy, injure innocent citizens, loot private property, and vandalise public property on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or any other day, not just in Nairobi but across the 47 Counties in the country will be dealt with accordingly.” Kindiki says.

On the other side, Azimio One Kenya Alliance has vowed not to take a back seat. According to the early statement by Raila Odinga, Maandamano next week will take place as planned. This will be on three days consecutively.

Maandamano Days next week will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The number of days increased after public demand, according to Raila Odinga.

Azimio One-Kenya is using the Maandamano way to push the government to lower the cost of living in Kenya.

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