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3 Major ways to save LIFE this festive season – Oguna

The Government’s spokesman Colonel Retired Cyrus Oguna has urged Kenyan at large to value life and protect it. His advice comes after mishap events that are leading to life loss in the country have become rampant during this festive season.

Kenyan Media is now dominated with dirty, horrific and terrifying pictures of how Unfortunate Citizen have fallen into trap of the feasting death. It was recently shared on National TV Station how innocent Choir singers lost their life in Water after the driver tried crossing a flooding bridge. This was one of the scenes that Kenyans claim to live with the rest of their lives.

The angry quietly looking waters without any struggle consumed about 33 Lives even not being concerned on how many it could take from each family.

Chogoria girls high school students too lost their lives in the hands of a reckless driver. This happened when their driver tried to overtake without considering how safe it was. 4 lives including the driver were lost.

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A 6 storey building collapses and kills innocent in hotel Murang’a region. The whole blame game starts all being directed to the Constitution Engineers.

Not living out the Covid-19 pandemic that has been a bigger percentage life taker in the country. Alarms have rang all the way from the National platforms on the positivity of having been Vaccinated. This is after the Virus wears another coat and resurfaces from South Africa re branded as OMICRON.

Leaders in the country with the likes of the Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mr Mutahi Kagwe have been turf on this big issue of life saving.

The most recent has been The Government Spokesman Colonel RTD Mr Cyrus Oguna. He has poured out to Kenyans the three major points to assist in saving life during this festive season.

1. Passengers to Shout at Overspending Driver

He advised all passengers to take caution while travelling. They should not allow any driver overspeed a vehicle they are in or risk their lives whatsoever.

“For us to be able to travel and safely reach our homes we must be vigilant. Tell drivers to take you at an average, manageable speed. If you fear being bullied then please report the vehicle to us. An action will be taken including termination of their service licences.”

2. Driver to Observe Speed Limits, Road rules and regulations

Mr Ogona also couldn’t spare the drivers. He pointed them being the major cause of deaths in the country. It should be noted that lives lost through road accident has increased the year 2021 compared to 2020.

Drivers are asked to observe all NTSA road safety rules.

3. Citizens to take the Covid-19 Jab

The last bit was on Covid-19. Ogona too had to emphasise on the No Covid-19 Jab no Government service. However he advised all Kenyans for free, to take the Vaccination since they are travelling home for Christmas Celebrations. They are the ones in danger as they also endanger their loved ones.

Ogona has asked all non vaccinated citizens to keep of Government offices and forget about government services including the public transportation starting 23rd December 2021.

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