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Final KCSE Examination Timetable Released with Slight changes – PDF Download

Teachers, Parents, and Learners have no cause of worry after the final KCSE Examination Timetable is released. This has been holding stakeholders breath not knowing what the ministry has been planning for their final National Examination.

The students un-preparedness has been one of the key cause of panic. This has been as a result of decreased number of Lessons, School time and Teacher Contact periods. The learners in support of their parents have expressed worries of poor performance unless the government rescheduled the Timetable.

They aired their fears linking to the time schools have been closed unexpectedly leading to time wasting. Some students may be disadvantaged due to the Unrest caused by other learners, Effects of Covid-19 and Early Closure for Christmas Celebrations.

The Ministry has however come out boldly in response to the issues by releasing a final KCSE Examination Timetable. The timetable indicates the long started projects that will be taking 7 Months. This projects are still in progress since July 2021 to January 2022. This is one of the major reasons why the timetable cannot be greatly altered.

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It should also be noted that 0n 25th February 2022 is the official Rehearsal day. On this day an orientation is done to learners, exam supervisors and Centre Managers.

On 28 February 2022 the Examination papers will be availed to learners at their respective centres and immediately at 8 Am French learners will be tackling their Oral questions which are allocated 15 minutes each.

The other dates have been indicated in details on the recently shared Timetable Released by The Kenya National Examination Council. Speaking to One of the KNEC representatives tambua can clearly point out that the Council wished to hit the last nail in KCSE come Friday 1st April 2022 with Physics practicals.

Below are instructions from Kenya National Examination Council to both Teachers and Learners as outlined on the PDF document.



Teachers are advised to ensure that the candidates read these instructions and guidelines carefully and adhere to them.

Learns Instructions

The candidates should be
made aware of the penalties for examination irregularities or misconduc

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