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No Services in Kenya without Covid-19 Vaccination prove


Kenyan Government through the Ministry of health has announced a new move after Covid-19 Vaccination process continues. Issuing a state announcement The Cabinet Secretary Hon Mutahi Kagwe urged all citizens to be vaccinated against the Corona Virus pandemic.

He said this is the only way the country can be able to control full the spread of the virus. He spoke this as he acknowledged the efforts Kenyans have put in place hence bringing the spread percentage to less than 3%.

Mutahi Kagwe Went ahead directing that their will be on a serious note government services without a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. At this point the government is aiming to kick start the Vaccination of up to 15 years Of age.

Services Un-Vaccinated Citizen will not get in Kenya include:

  1. No use of Public transport
  2. No Hospital services
  3. No going to Refreshing points like bars and restaurants
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