PS Hinga Finally Announces Kazi Mtaani Payment Date, Explains delays

Kazi Mtaani employees to smile after Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and Urban Development Mr Charles Hinga issued a statement on the cause of the delay in payments.

From a statement shared previous night, the government is set to pay it Kazi Mtaani workers 30 days after services are rendered.

Relating to the year 2021, Hinga stated that the same issue was witnessed being triggered by the Financial Year End.

He said the candidates should hopefully expect their pay this week. “There are good signs, as soon as we receive the cash, we shall disburse immediately.”

Ps Charles Hinga said after the money is disbursed to all relevant accounts, Cohort 1 will resume next week on Tuesday together with those who worked for 5 days.

However Hinga also sounded hope to those workers who did not get sms saying they will also resume start working.

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