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Good news to all Kazi Mtaani workers after Ps Charles Hinga makes this announcement on payments

Kenya, 1st August 2022, Ps Charles Hinga announced to pay all Kazi Mtaani comrades.

Through his Official social media, Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and Urban Development Hon Charles hinga issued a statement confirming the funds are ready for disbursement.

This whole process is to be done through M-Pesa mobile money services where all Kazi Mtaani 2022 workers are expected to get messages soon.

“Good evening all Kazi Mtaani comrades. I confirm that the funds have reflected on the Safaricom side and disbursement is underway now. Do not despair it’s now a case of when not if. Thank you for your patience even though it inconvenienced many of you. We remain committed to you”


However the information had risen other issues where Kazi Mtaani comrades have shared their concerns.

One Kazi Mtaani Workers requests for the remodeling of the current setup to allow for SMEs eg. Agricultural projects.

“Alafu kiongos, can we remodel the current set up to allow for SMEs; agricultural projects, and the such likes to enable resourceful generation of income? To avoid the current feel with delay in disbursement of Kazi Mtaani payment’s, this projects would be giving us income and thus a smaller number in the hygiene program would mean less money released thus quicker and easier payment timelines”

To those Kazi Mtaani workers whose details don’t match, they have been asked to lias with the Chiefs and Supervisors since all Kazi Mtaani payments are relied on the submitted registers.

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