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Kazi Mtaani Cohort 1 payment ~ Official Statement by Charles Hinga CBS

Kazi Mtaani Cohort 1 payment delayed. Speaking on the matter Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and urban Development Hon. Charles Hinga issued 2 major reasons why.

1. Delayed Registers.

Registers are the only documents relied on to deterring who is to be payed. According to the recent statement by Hing the registers are taking long but once received they will be approved and served to the national treasury for financing.

2. Approval by the Treasury.

The treasure funds the organization according to the number of workers received. Mr Charles Hinga today stated that upon receiving the registers he will forward to the treasury. After receiving the funds the disbursement will follow without any delay through M-Pesa.

“To all Kazi Mtaani Cohort 1 workers. I’ve been inundated by a lot of messages about your pay. At the moment this is the update.


1. We are yet to receive all the registers from the counties so we can process the payment.

2. We have not received funds from the Treasury to process payment. As soon as we get the registers and we receive the funds we shall release them without any delays.”

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