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Govt’s Message To Youths who Missed Kazi Mtaani Payments 2022

Kazi Mtaani Today News

Ps Charles Hinga today has issued a government directive to all Kazi mtaani youths who did not receive their payments. According to report shared early today the government only issues Kazi Mtaani Payments basing on the details submitted by the supervisors.

Kazi Mtaani Payment 2022

Kazi Mtaani Cohort 2 received their Money recently. After the release of the funds most Kazi Mtaani youths complained to have been left out. replying on this matter Hon Charles Hinga asked all Kazi Mtaani workers who did not receive their payments to check with their supervisors.

According to the PS Kazi Mtaani payments are only issued basing on the registers received from the county teams.

How to correct Kazi Mtaani Payment details

All Kazi Mtaani Youths who have grievances regarding the recent payments are advised to do the following,

  1. Find out if the name was in the payment register.
  2. If Yes, Then the Kazi Mtaani Youth is advised to also confirm if the Payment details are correct

The Government admits the issue might be caused by either missing the name in the register or having submitted the wrong details.

To all those Kazi Mtaani youths who have grievances, here is what I’d like to advise you. We only pay based on the registers we receive from the county teams. So starting point is to a) find out if you name was in the payment register, if yes b)check if your details are correct.

Chances are you have an issue with a or b. Fix this so that your name is included in the exclusion list. We have over 12k of you who had issues based on the returns I posted on Friday. So focus on fixing the issue and you’ll get paid. We won’t keep your rightfully earned money

PS Charles Hinga
Ps Charles Hinga post on Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Is Kazi Mtaani Paying?

Kazi mtaani pays 455 shillings per day for workers and 505 for supervisors.

How do i register for Kazi Mtaani?

Kazi mtaani Registaration is done online via the link provided by the government upon announcement of vacancies.

What does Kazi Mtaani entail?

Kazi mtaani is a government programme aimed to cushion vulnerable youths in the informal settlements in Kenya.

Who qualifies for Kazi Mtaani?

Any Youth aged between 18 and 35 years qualifies for Kazi mtaani in Kenya. Must be in possession of a National Identity Card with no criminal record.


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