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Magoha’s Final Remarks on KCSE/KCPE timetable that left candidates hopeless

“Nobody is going to change the KCPE and KCSE examination timetable in favour of children’s behaviour and misconduct.”

Speaking in Kabarak University after overseeing the graduation ceremony the Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has buried all the wishes on the revision of the Examination Timetable. He asked all learners to be informed of nothing will push to the change and the Examinations will take place as scheduled for March.

Magoha however encouraged Learners not to panic since no question is set from what they don’t know. “They are set from what teachers have taught them and the ministry only tests the ability to remember. “

Unrest in Schools and Student Behaviours

Professor Magoha also rebuked parents for delicately upbringing their children. He poured all his anger to the parents directing all the bad behaviours experienced in school in the 21st Century is as a result of parents negligence. Parents have left all the discipline measures to the teachers who have their hands tied by the child rights policy and acts.

At the same time the ministry has sounded a warning to the parents incase of school damage. The parents are responsible for renovation of damaged property in school. Recently it was noted that the parents went to seek for justice in court after Kakamega school ordered every Child to pay for the renovation of burned down Dormitories in the school. This is only but once case among the many unrest in schools not excluding the most recent in Ikuu Boys High School.


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