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KEMRI Report on Influenza A outbreak in Kenya, control, Signs and Symptoms

Kenya Medical Research Institute in Kenya has confirmed an outbreak parallel to the alarming Omicron in the country. The Influenza virus (H3N2) which is spread in the same way as Covid-19 has been reported as an outbreak in the country.

The Ministry of Health lead by Cabinet Secretary Hon Mutahi Kagwe has urged Kenyans who experience the following signs and symptoms to seek for further medical check up from the nearest Medical facility.

Influenza Signs and Symptoms

KEMRI has confirmed an outbreak of Influenza A Virus. If you are experiencing

  1. High fever
  2. Flu
  3. Sore throat

These are some of the symptoms that are easily noticeable. However it has urged for no cause of alarm since the flue can be treated through a normal way.

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Infection rate

According to KEMRI the new Influenza virus is highly infectious. However the research board urged all Kenyans to follow and observe the Covid-19 protocols since they are applicable to both cases. The research confirms an infection rate of four out of 36 samples testing positive for Influenza A

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