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“KCPE results 2021 release in Kenya” – Magoha

kcpe results 2021 release set. 1.2M candidates who sat for the examination will be let to know how they performed in the next few hours.

It has not yet been confirmed on which day the president will be available. According to Dr Magoha the results are to be released either on Wednesday or Friday depending on the President’s avilablility.

The release ceremony takes on the day as it has been before. Thereafter immediately the CS finishes the speech, the results are released to all the candidates. The Kenya National Examination Council in collaboration mobile services shares the results to the learners after sending the Index number to the Sender ID provided.

During the KCPE release day the Best candidates are announced by the CS. The top Female and Male candidates are also listed in public as a way of appreciation.


Prof. George Magoha hinted on the posting process that will start immediately. Within a short period all the 1.2M candidates will be allocated the Secondary school they will join. This will be accompanied by the calling letters from respective schools.

The major cause of this hurry is to ensure there is no interference with the 2022 Academic Calendar. It has been noted that the teachers marking the National KCPE exams are class room teachers who are expected to be in class by 25th April 2022. The schools were closed to give room for swift administration of the Exams.

As the KCPE results release final touches take the process, KSCE is also ongoing. This is the final Basic education level in the country where learners are allowed to join tertiary level or choose the personal path in life.

All Candidates are urged to remain Calm and receive the KCPE results 2021, 2022 as they are without any panic since passing or failing is not the determinant of future life.

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