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How to get a boda loan from MOGO?

MOGO – boda boda loans leader in Kenya

BODA BODA has been one of the most popular cash earners in the country. But it is not easy to purchase a motorcycle since it is expensive. One needs almost 120,000 Kenya Shillings. Many companies have come out purchasing motorcycles and giving them to people on credit on which they pay back on weekly basis. Today we are going to discuss about MOGO an Loan Company.

What is MOGO

MOGO is the leading vehicle financing company in Kenya. With our efficient, quick, and flexible terms of service. With Mogo you can secure your very own boda hustle free.

How to get a motorcycle on Credit

To Get a motorcycle loan and ride your bodaboda home you need KSh 15,000 deposit. With a repayment plan of as low as KSh 300 you become a legal owner of your motorbike in 52 to 78 weeks depending on your preference.

How MOGO works

MOGO works with many authorized dealerships all across Kenya. There is a possibility to select from many bike models.


Motorbikes offered by MOGO

MOGO offers loans for

  1. Bajaj Boxer,
  2. TVS, Honda,
  3. Haojin,
  4. Sonlink,
  5. Haojue,
  6. Ranger,
  7. Captain,
  8. Kifaru,
  9. Tiger,
  10. Dayun,
  11. Yamaha,
  12. Evalast,
  13. Skygo,
  14. Lifan,
  15. Shineray,
  16. Jincheng.

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