Afte Losing to UDA Jubilee Party Members have come out bolder and Louder. They can not imagine Jubilee party under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta losing a Member of parliament seat in its strong hold.

But Logistically,,,, how can this happen? How can a person come to your bedroom and sleep on your bed while you are present and watching?

Those are some of the questions Jubilee party members are asking as political waves start blowing towards 2022 General elections.

Is the party coming down due to the internal woes between the two Kingpins. “Ndio Mwanzo Mkoko unaalika maua” Ruto Speaks.

The party is requesting for leadership reforms starting from Rafael Tuju. This will be one of the biggest Examination Uhuru Kenyatta has ever had in the political world.

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