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Governor Sakaja Johnson New Business Permit Charges in Nairobi

The Nairobi government has announced new business packages for businesses in Nairobi. The new business permit chages will affect Supermarkets, shops, Butcheries and Kiosks.

The Nairobi Government is planning to restructure the single business permit codes that will ensure fairness and also boost revenue collection in the county number 47.

The new strategy was placed to the county floor by Finance CEC Mr. Charles Kerich during the reading of the 2023,2024 budget at the Nairobi County assembly 0n 29th June 2023.

According to the statement shared, the new scaling parameters will place businesses into different categories that will lead to accuracy in presentation of sizes and scope.


These are the proposed parameters;

  • Hyper
  • Mega
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Mini


Supermarkets will pay Sh 40,000 to in their business in Nairobi.

2. Maga

Mega Supermarkets at Sh 30,000

3. Large Butchery/Shop

Large butchery shop and retailservice at Sh 4,000

4. Kiosk

Kiosks at Sh 1,000

5. All shops and Retail services

All shops and retail services in Nairobi City county owned markets will be charged Sh 2,000.

The County Government by Jonson Sakaja has also slashed the seasonal tickets for PSV.

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