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What you should Know about Kazi Mtaani, Qualifications, Application, Employment list, and latest news

1. What is Kazi Mtaani?

KaziMtaani is part of Kenya’s National Hygiene Program to protect vulnerable cohort living in informal settlements following stern measures implemented in the fight against Covid-19. It was proposed by the President of the Republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta. Recently the initiative looked to employ more citizens into the programme.

2. What does it aim to do?

The program aims to provide social protection for youth whose prospects for daily or casual work has been disrupted by the containment policies put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19.

3. How long will the program run?

Kazi Mtaani program is divided into phases within the given time limits.

Phase 1

Kazi Mtaani Phase 1 was launched on April 29th 2020 and ended on June 2nd 2020. Which took a duration of 22 days.


Phase 2

Phase 2 of the program started in July 2020 aimed to run for a period of 6.5 months

Kazi Mtaani phase 3

The government advertised for online applications for Employment of Youths in the KM phase 3 program. Speaking to the applicants through social media, Hon Charles Hinga Mwaura advised Kenyans to remain patient as the Verification and Validation process takes place. He also asked them to avoid following fake news since the right information will be relevantly share to the respective people through the management system.

4. How much Kazi Mtaani Pay?

Kazi Mtaani used to pay workers handsomely during the first phase. The amount was lowered in pase two to 455 Kenya shillings. The major reason for this drop was to enable recruitment of Youths in other counties.

The amount for phase 3 workers is not yet disclosed. All workers expect to receive their money once in a week through the Mobile money transfer system. Ie Airtel Money and M-Pesa.

5. What is the Recruitment procedure?

Kazi Mtaani Selection was previously done through a committee that includes Informal settlement leadership, Settlement Executive committees, Nyumba kumi leaders and National Government Administration Officers (NGAOS) to avoid favoritism.

But after the Ministries directive to stop the spread of Covid-19, an online System has been implemented where interested candidates through the Kazi Mtaani Application link will have access to the Form on which they are supposed to fill. The fully field form is then submitted to the Organisation through their Kazi Mtaani application Online portal.

This form works under a stipulated time since the Application forms for Phase 3 have already been shut down. Tambua Africa will always be informed once the online Application is open for Phase 4 come the year 2022.

6. What are the qualifications to join Kazi Mtaani?

Kazi Mtaani program targets youth in informal settlements who are above 18 years. Those selected must hold a :-

  • Valid ID card
  • Phone number registered for MPESA.
  • Form 4 or Class 8 Certificate as added advantage.

Note: The details in the ID MUST match those used for MPESA.

7. How to access kazi mtaani shortlisted candidates?

Kazi Mtaani shortlisted candidates shall be Communicated through their respective Phone numbers. However they can also track the proceedings through their online accounts as registered on the portal.

Tambua Africa will be here to share with you any news Concerning Kazi Mtaani application, Registration, Details verification and whenever the Merit list is released.

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