The initiative that aime to employ Young Kenyans now crawling on its knees. It has been a month now from the kick start of application process. Many Kenyans applied from the 47 Counties making a total of over a million Applications. Million applicants in not a small number while the government aims to absorb only 0.05% of all application. “The whole process of employment might be complete early 2021.”

Validation process

Kazi Mtaani Verification and Validation process

This process has been noted to take more time than it was expected. This is after the Principal Secretary Mr Charles Hinga Mwaura posted urging all who created a profile on Kazi Mtaani Website to confirm their details. He also made it clear to those who made slight mistakes to rectify since it is allowed from the front end.

This sounds so discouraging to the millions of the jobless Kenyans who dreamed to start working for the government this year 2021. Tambua Africa has discovered the slowness in the whole matter from the concerned officials.


After validation of the applicants a Shortlisting process should follow. This is the gambling area where the lucky ones have it and unlucky continue waiting for the next recruitment. We say the lucky ones will have it since there is no information to be considered during recruitment. There is no score sheet shared to the public and so all Kenyans above 18 Years qualify to be employed.

To qualify one required

  • Age bracket of 18 – 35 Years old
  • Have an Identity card
  • Must have a Valid police Clearance certificate

From 1M people the government is aiming only to employ a small number while all Kenyans Qualify through the whole process.

The Kazi Mtaani aims to pay its workers atleast 450 Ksh per day. This initiative was aimed to help Kenyans raise some money for their families upkeep during this time of Corona Virus pandemic.

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