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Moya David slams claims that Mumama gifted him Mercedes G-Wagon

Moya David Mumama news has been trending for a better part of the previous week. It was alleged that the Kenyan Tiktoker was lying to Kenyans about making big sums of money through his dancing career.

According to blogger Edgar Obare, Moya David got finance sponsorship from a Kenyan sugar mummy ‘Mumama’.

It was disclosed even further that Moya David’s Mumama bought him luxurious items, including expensive cars like Posh Toyoya TX, accessories, and housing. She also opened an SPA business that Moya David manages in Nairobi.

Mr Edgar Obare also pointed out that Moya David was caught cheating on the rich Kenyan Mumama, hence leading to the closure of the SPA. She also took away the car.


In response to the ongoing conversation, Moya David said this allegation sounds so funny to him. “Hii ni maajabu.”

Moya David says the Mumama story going round is just but fake rumours, which he will not pay attention to.

He, however, preferred not to explain why he has shut down the SPA business.

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