The ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has sounded a warning to teachers who have not been Vaccinated against Covid-19.

This comes to its resolution after the Ministry of Health had ordered all Kenya Citizens to have Covid-19 Vaccination prove in order to access Government Services.

Professor George magoha urged all teachers to rush to the Vaccination Centres before tuff measures are introduced. He has also rebuked those spreading rumours about Corona Virus Vaccination effects on the reproduction system.

“Stop listening to those speculating about Covid-19 affecting the reproductive system. How many children do you want to have. But that is not true. The vaccine doesn’t have any effect on your Testis or Vagina. Your production of millions of Cells will just remain normal.” He said.

Professor Magoha delivered this statement as he oversaw the Kenya Primary school Association yearly meeting (KEPSHA) in Mombasa.

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