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Kenya: Covid-19 update and response measures as at 2nd January 2022 (PHOTOS)

The Kenya Ministry of Health (MoH) has today issued an update on Covid-19 state, infection rate and response measures as at 2nd January 2022.

New cases recorded are 1,354 after testing a sample size of 5,331. The infection rate stand at 25.4% with 400 recoveries. On a sad note 3 patients have succumbed to the disease across the country.

Cumulatively a total of 3,042,313 tastes have been done since the first case was reported in the country. From this tests a total of 298,509 case have been confirmed in the country with 254,115 recoveries and 5,384 deaths.

As the ministry continues requesting Kenyans to find their way to the Vaccination centers, so far the country has received 23,279,820 Vaccines. 10,121,263 citizens have been Vaccinated having 4,215,806 fully Vaccinated.

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However after the president launched the booster Vaccination for the fully vaccinated people 13,215 have embraced the move going for the Booster dose. The ministry had also encouraged parents to have their children above 15 years receive the Jab.

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