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Fresh wounds as Kazi Mtaani Makes this announcement addressing Shortlisted Candidates


Kazi Mtaani Phase 3 Candidates to wait longer before the final list is published. The initiative was set to employ Kenyan Youths under the Environment and Hygiene Program to help in cleaning the Environment. The Youths who made their applications through the Kazi Mtaani Online Portal have been patient for two months now but still encouraged to continue waiting.

This is after the office went on recess and should be resuming its normal activities On Monday of 17th January 2022. This has been the major cause of delay where by all Candidates were called to verify and validate their account details and from that point nothing else has happened.

Speaking to the press Hon Charles Hinga the PS Housing through his Social media tweeted encouraging that the process will be fair to all that applied and qualified basing on first come first served.

The other major cause of the delay noted has been the government funding. It was also communicated that the money allocated for the project was only to cover Phase 2 which ends in March. After which the Parliament is supposed to approve a budget by the treasury to fund the phase 3 group. This means all the delay may also be extended if the Parliament takes its time to discuss the matter.

The Applicants have called upon the stakeholders to fastest the process before the Members of Parliament embark to serious campaign to secure ther political positions.

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