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How to confirm Kazi Mtaani application form details, Shortlisted candidates / Statistics

Hon Charles Hinga Mwaura the principal secretary state of department for housing and urban development shared on twitter the due process involved in Kazi Mtaani application phase 3. This comes after the President of the Republic of Kenya announced the step to increase the number of kazi Mtaani workers in the society

Youths came out and applied for the work as the statistics have been shared. A total sum of One million, one hundred and fifty eight thousand, Eight hundred and ninety three candidates applied. The top Counties with many candidates are Nairobi with a total of 197k followed by Kiambu with 78k and 60k.

The lowest candidature was from Elgeyo Marakwet with an application of 8,036, Laura 8105 and lastly Samburu with 9679 applicants. This sums are alarming just indicating how bigger percentage it is for the unemployed citizens.

“As we bring to the end the registration process of Kazi Mtaani phase 3, here are some important statistics. Total number of registrations, 1,158,893. Top 3counties; Nairobi 179k; Kiambu 78k; 60k. Lowest; Elgeyo M 8,036; Lamu 8105 & Samburu 9679.”


He also shared a procedure on how to confirm and verify registration details. The link has been created on the website for that directs to the verification page.

“Now we move to the validation process. On the same registration page there is a new link verify your registration. once you click the link you’ll be required to enter your ID No. and once you click on submit,”

At the same time You can also edit info in case you made a mistake or captured the wrong ward.

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