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DCI takes over M.P Moses Kuria’s serious allegations in respect to election offences

Moses Kuria, “If you see this 40 Trucks, STOP them.”

Gatundu South Member of parliament Hon Moses Kuria blows the whistle. Through his FACEBOOK account, Kuria first claimed their are plans to jeopardize the 2022, August 9th, general elections.

According to the first post he confidently pints out that chiefs have ordered all Kazi Mtaani workers to report to work today and get paid. In addition they are to surrender their Identification cards something he suspects it to be used in 2022 election malpractices.

“To all Kazi Mtaani recruits in Nakuru and all over the country. They have called you to work today and asked you to go and surrender your IDs for you to get paid. If the chiefs do so please place a very hard and hot slap on their face then see me for lunch.”

Moses Kuria also goes further pointing out that 40 trucks with marked ballot papers are set to leave state louge in Nakuru.


“Top Alert!! 40 trucks with marked ballot papers will leave State Lodge Nakuru to various destinations in the next 20 minutes. Media, public please stop them. Most of them have GK registration numbers. Uasin Gishu people. One of the vehicles to leave State House Nakuru for Eldoret with marked ballots is KcW 853T”

The DCI Kenya reacts on Kuria’s allegations.

After the allegations went viral on social media, Kenya DCI has not given it a deaf ear. they have asked Hon Kuria to check in the nearest security centre and share any relevant information that will help chase the law breakers.

“The attention of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has been drawn to a sensational social media post attributed Gatundu South M.P Hon. Moses Kuria, insinuating very

The Directorate is urging the legislator to urgently report to any police station or DCI office close to him, to help with investigations for appropriate and immediate action.

A formal statement will go a long way in giving leads for quick action. #FichuakwaDCI 0800 722 203″

Elections in Kenya are scheduled for 9th August 2022 starting from 6.00am to 6PM. All Kenyans have been called out to turn out in large numbers and exercise their democratic right.

Further more, all voters are advised to return back home after voting and allow the Independent Electoral Board Of Kenya IEBC officials finish the counting process.

2022 general election results will be displayed live on all national medias including Citizen Tv to allow Kenyans a right to information. All Kenyans are asked to remain peaceful as they choose their leaders.

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