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2021 KCPE: How to check form one placement Via SMS and Online for Free

2021 KCPE candidates can now check their form One placement. The Ministry of Education hit the final nail Yesterday.

As it has been the trend, after the finalisation of the whole process, the Ministry allows Candidates to check the school in which they have been placed.

This can be done Either by SMS or through visiting the Online Ministry of Education portal.

1. How to check form 1 placement Via SMS

SMS is the easiest way to check Form one placement. This is the method that is friendly to all mobile phone users despite the Model.


Using SMS: The candidates is expected to send his or her index number to 22263.

The system will in turn generate a message confirming the school he or she has been placed.

2. How to check form 1 placement Online

This method is reliable to the schools. School principals can access their selection list via the NEMIS and later download

The results that were recently released included over 1 Million candidates and all have been placed in government schools across the 47 Counties.

Form one Reporting to School

Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha issued a warning to all Secondary school principals. He first emphasised that all learners are entitled to free Education.

According to Magoha’s statement policy, no Form One should be turned back home due to lack of reporting fees.

He also urged schools to make reasonable requirements and keep of asking for books since they are provided by the Government FSE program.

Professor Magoha directed all parents that feel a pinch from the school to report the matter to the nearest Ministry Office for legal processes to follow.

Form One Requirements

  • Uniform
  • Shoes
  • Pen
  • Mattress for boarders
  • Blanket for borders
  • Metal box for boarders
  • Plate
  • Spoon
  • Cup
  • Set Books
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary

Things that School shouldn’t call for:

  1. Jembe
  2. Slasher
  3. Barbed wire
  4. Computer
  5. Exercise books
  6. Paints
  7. Guitar
  8. E.t.c

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